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Background Edit

Happy Holidays is a greeting sent out by the enemies in the "Genocide on Christmas". They don't want you to say "Merry Christmas", because they don't want you to offend somebody who is a Jesus hater (or not Christian). Sadly enough, this battle is being won due to the large number of Jesus haters in America. This can, of course, be attributed to the terrorists and bears and gays that plague our country.

Strategies Edit

There are several ways to win the "Genocide on Christmas". One way, is to have all of the Jesus haters wear a little symbol on their clothes that tells us that they're Jesus Haters. These will be little stars, with the word "JUDE" printed inside of them. J.U.D.E. is an acronym for "Jesus is Underrated and we made him Die, because we are Evil".

If you see a person wearing this star, tell them "Happy Holidays", otherwise tell them "Merry Christmas".

Another good method would also be to take all the Jesus haters, and put them all in a gated community. We'll call them "ghettos", which is also an acronym, which means "Great Homes for Everbody To Take Overly-long Showers in" That way, if you live in the "ghettos", you know to tell everybody "Happy Holidays".

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