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Harvey Birdman

Birdman guy

Who's the man in the the suit? Who's the cat with the beak?

"Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law" is a live-action cartoon docudrama Television show that focuses on the life of Harvey Birdman, a superhero who had a brief 15 minutes of fame as a performer on Birdman and the Galaxy Trio, a television show produced by Hanna-Barbera during America's Dark Age, the 60's.

Legal CareerEdit

After his brief flirtation with fame, Harvey was able parlay his success into a job at the prestigious law firm Sebben & Sebben, under Bill Clinton's Jobs for Superheroes Act (1995), which promised employment to those heroes who had saved the world at least seven times. Even though Birdman was known to have a somewhat prickly personality, it was believed that his other talents (e.g., the ability to shoot solar beams from his hands) might prove useful in a court of law. In addition, while he was not licensed to practice law, nor possessed of any experience in jurisprudence per se, his apparent vanity and lack of ethics more than qualified him for the position.

In his new capacity as a lawyer, Harvey Birdman defended other Hanna Barbera cartoon characters who, like washed up child stars, can never seem to stay out of trouble. In both criminal and civil court proceedings, Harvey frequently faced off against old nemeses from his past, notably Myron Reducto, whose own potent style of litigation include a shrink ray gun. However, Birdman's power of flight and ability to harness the power of the sun into powerful destructive beams was usually more than a match for his opponents in a court of law.



2nd Greatest Living American, Phil Ken Sebben.

Harvey Birdman was killed on Sunday, June 22, 2007, after six years of practicing law over nearly 40 episodes. Phil Ken Sebben, his dashingly handsome boss and partner in the firm Sebben & Sebben, launched a thorough investigation into the matter and proved that Birdman's death was nothing more than a tragic accident. In fact, it was all Birdman's stupid fault, and don't you forget it!

In honor of Harvey, a delicious banquet was held, where grilled purple eagle with a lemon-herb sauce was served as the main course. It was said to have been delicious.

Birdman tombstone

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