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makes satanic music
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is a proud und perfect reflection of der Nazi Party.
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Hippity-hop is a form of liberal "music" which glorifies "bustin a cap'n sum punk ass bitch pigs head" (thats Hippity-hop for shooting police), "big booty having hoes" (glorifing obesity and promiscuality among women), and "fuckin' up da man" (obviously an attack on Our President and the government of the United States). While some Hollywood liberals have denoted this as music an expressive outlet for urban oppressed minorities, Real Americans know this is a argument holds no water; true Americans don't see race, they see Americans.

One bright side to all their little shenanigans, is that they espouse three American values, being rich through hard work ("pimpin' ain't easy", as they would say), guns ("gats", to all you "homie G skillitz" out there), and Jesus whom they reference after receiving any award or asked who they owe their success to.

Unfortunately, many rappers have now teamed up with The MTV and The United Nations to promote The UN's global domination agenda. That means we all as Real Americans have to burn their albums in protest of this unholy alliance, so they will know we the people, and consumers, disapprove. Once successful, we can then return to burning them for their lyrics and themes that are destroying America.

Musical Roots

Rap, which aptly serves the acronym Retard Attempting Poetry, was invented on the "west side."... this statement only seems to hold true on the west coast, however, as on the east side there is heated debate stating rap originated there. Truly puzzling...

If rap were, in fact, real music, then The Greatest President Ever would surely have some on iPod One.

Styles Influenced By Hippity-Hop

The street culture, thug culture, and violence culture all claim to be based from rap, but as we all know, these are all influenced by video games.

The Hippity-Hop Versus The Rap

Rap is what Kanye West makes, and Kanye West is a moron.

Modern Hippity-Hop Stars

More Hippity-Hop To American Translations

"Hippity-hop/American Translation"
American Phrase Hippity-hop Phrase
Hello. yo, yo yo!
What is the news today, my friend? Wassup, mah homes?
Want to go hunting with me and Dick? We's gonna bust a cap in yo ass!
My friend Ann Coulter is gorgeous! That Ann Coulter is one fine biyatch dawg!
Im hungry Yo, my shotazle is ruzzalazzaling, need to go shizle a sizzle ma homie!
Just relax, and I'll be back as soon as I can with some medicine. Just hang loose blood, she gonna catch you on the rebound on the medici.
Do you mind lending me some money? What do you have on my fourty homie!

Examples Of The Genre

Alanis_Morissette_-_My_Humps Baby_Got_Back_-_Gilbert_and_Sullivan_Style
"My Humps" "Baby's Got Back"
"Jesus Rap" "Aryan Rap"

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