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Report to the closest authorized de-gayification church near you to begin ungayification immediately.

If you touch your weiner, your a Homer.

Normally, it would mean the same as gay, but...

With the help of the Wordinistas, the homolexographical agenda is turning our dictionaries gay. That's why you can only trust your gut and not reference books.


  • "I have no problem with gay people, except for my many problems with gay people."
- Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report, June 16, 2006
  • "Many of my best-friends are gay and I love them. Wouldn't let them in my house or see my children, but they are my friends nonetheless"

Elton John. 16 June 2002

The Homosexual AgendaEdit

Gays and Jews are secretly running the country with the Jews getting all the money and the gays making the entire population smell pretty.

Many people try to say that gay is a way of life, but it's not - it's a disease like SARS and ebola, except way more deadly. This disease is called Stikitus Uppity BackFanny (shortened to S.U.B). People who suffer from S.U.B tend to have a psychological problem called "feelings". This causes men to stop having fun and sit at home crying about being fat and how clothes clash and cry at the end of Tom Cruise (not gay) films. Gays often pass on S.U.B to many men, who then contract a medical problem called 'slacken anus' in which other gays will proceed to hide their best friends' (the Jews) Jew gold up in the darkest regions of Rectopia. In Rectopia, the gays hide Jew gold and shelter Osama Bin Laden from thje ever-watchful eye of The Greatest President Ever.

People who are friends with gays are called "Jews".

S.U.B is also a prefix to certain words that are run by gays, like SUBstitute teacher and the SUBway. I mean, how could a straight man come up with the idea of a long tube going through a small hole?

MacHall and 3PanelSoul have created characters in a virtual realm to help spread the message of The Homosexual Agenda.

Gheys have also been trying to steal the rainbow from its rightful owner the Christians.

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