Honkers And Mrs. Snowdrop
are proud members
of Stephen Colbert's family!
Honkers And Mrs. Snowdrop
is a CELEBRITY! Oh. My. God.

Honkers and Mrs. Snowdrop are two geese that live in the Stephen T. Colbert Goose Sanctuary At LaGuardia Airport.

In January, 2009, both Honkers and Mrs. Snowdrop went missing from the SanctuaryEpisode #500.


Terrorist Geese

Last known photo of Honkers and Mrs. Snowdrop.

There are a few theories that explain what happened to the beloved Honkers and Mrs. Snowdrop:

  • they flew south for the winter
  • due to the high cost of tracking devices, the geese simply got lost
  • they are part of the gaggle who now control Russia

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