Hugh Laurie
has bad teeth and a funny accent because he is British.
Hugh Laurie
looks good in anything,
but looks hot in drag, baby!!

Now he's your brick... House.

Hugh Laurie is People magazine's 47th Sexiest Man Alive for 2007. Known as 'House' to his colleagues in the medical field, his brusque bedside manner is just the cure for what ails the ladies.

Hugh Laurie is British, and therefore very hard to understand. His best friend is Stephen Fry, who is gay; therefore, Mr. Laurie's parading around as an American doctor should alarm and outrage all true Americans who want an end to the gay agenda. There is a small campaign funded by various freedom protectors, aka Republicans, who support the war in Iraq, to ship Laurie and his homoerotic subtextual ways back to "Merry Old England" and away from the impressionable youth of America.

The character Hugh Laurie plays on television, Gregory House, however, is a real American.

Faux Knighted

Mr. Sir Laurie House (!) Laurie was nearly knighted by The Queen on May 23, 2007. Although he was not actually knighted (he was OBE'd) he is still Sir Laurie the Lovely to those of us who admire the unique combination of Houseiness, truthiness, asshattedness and dreamboatitude which he favors us with in his medically sesquipedalian role on House. And by the way, UK, finders keepers! He's ours now, and we shall keep him as long as we can continue to bamboozle his character with our weird and wacky mysterious illnesses. It would not be stretching truthiness to say we are masters in this field.

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