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Hulk Hogan
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Hulk Hogan
is Very Manly™.

Hulk Hogan is a Real American, who fights for the rights of every man. Hulk Hogan is the leader of a movement known as Hulkamania. This movement involves taking your vitamins, saying your prayers and eating your vegetables. Some would compare Hulk Hogan to Moses that would be an understatement as the Hulkster could easily take moses in a cage match. Hulk Hogan is a proud american and he will fight for whats right against the evil forces of The Iron Shiek, The Million Dollar man, Hillary Clinton, The Macho Man and his Slim Jims, Bears, The Genius Lanny Poffo and The evil Dungeon of Doom.

Hulk Hogan has recently created a fictional mirror image of himself which is more down to earth then his true immortal, justice fighting, bear stomping true persona. He pretends to be getting old and to have bad knees when this is not true. In fact, he is in the best condition of his immortal life and is just waiting to shock the world by bringing Hulkamania back into the forefront.

Championships wonEdit

six time WWF/WWE World Championship six time WCW Champion Real American Mr America Immortal The Hearts of all True Americans


  • "24 inch python" actually refers to his penis size
  • The cousin of the Incredible Hulk
  • Bald since birth

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