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Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Makes The Baby Jesus™ Happy
And that Makes Stephen happy, too!


A hydrogen fuel cell is an input babble science here device that uses innocent hydrogen to create electricity.

What it Means

The fuel, hydrogen gas or H2, is much like a young American family. It is composed of two hydrogen atoms, the loving parents, and two electron children. When in a 'fuel cell', H2 families are exposed to a catalyst which "ionizes", (rips apart), the poor H2 unit in an incidious harvest of electrons, (babies). The helpless and disoriented electrons are taken from their parents and forced to do work, creating, (child labourific), electricity. Meanwhile, the jaded and lonely hydrogen atoms are forced through a membrane and paired up with another random hydrogen atom,(possibly, nay probably of the same sex), and a used-up baby electron. The new forced "family" is then drugged with oxygen to keep it complacent, resulting in a doped-up, fused family of H2O... which is water... the tears of hydrogen.

There is no science to show that H2 molecules actually feel pain, but there is no science to prove that they don't feel pain. Regardless, HFC technology represents the breaking apart of families, child labour, gay marriage with adopted babies, and the use of drugs. If that isn't anti-American, I don't know what is.

Yada yada

Proponents of HFC technology argue that fuel cells could power zero-emission cars. They say the cars would be smog free... they wouldn't even emit greenhouse gases!

However, this is completely false. Everyone knows that hydrogen, when burned, creates some sort of toxic waste material

The Real Deal

I say Hydrogen cars!? COME ON! On top of what we already know these fuel cells represent, there is a plethora of things wrong with hydrogen cars:

Turning hydrogen into electricity is like turning water into wine. Only JESUS can really do it and he never would!


There is no infrastructure to support the fueling of such mythical cars!

Compressed Hydrogen isn't natural. You'll be burning fossil fuels to make the hydrogen gas, and then again to work the pump that compresses the hydrogen into the tank in your car! Why not just burn the fossil fuel to run your car!? Besides, do you really want America to be reliant on foreign hydrogen?

Liberals say that hydrogen is the fuel of the future... that's what ze NAZI Germans said too before the Hindenburg disaster. I guess somebody should let the Jetsons know. HYDROGEN IS COMING!!!