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is a Recognized State of the United States of America.
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Capitol: Indianapolis
State Flower: Peony
Official Language: English
State Bird: Cardinal
State Motto: Hasta la victoria siempre!
Nickname: Hoosier State
Governor: My Man Mitch!
State Anthem: Red Anthem
Population: 89 Humans, 6 Liberals, 1 family of Jews, and 30.99 million stalks of corn, and one god named Tony Brandenburg
Principal imports: Mao Zedong's Little Red Book
Principal exports: Corn, corn related products, and corn
Principal industries: Secrets
Fun Fact # 1: No one (NO ONE) has ever made it out of Indiana alive. Those who enter do not leave. They are supposedly eaten by "Children of the Corn."
Fun Fact # 2: Indiana has more potential terrorist targets than any other state in the Union, proving, once again, there IS more than corn in Indiana. SUCK IT, NEW YORK!
Fun Fact # 3: Jesus' favorite summer home is located on the south side of Carmel, Indiana.

Indiana is red state, therefore it is a good state. Ahh, but that's where you're wrong! You know why it's red? Because it's definetly not COMMUNIST! The people, or lack thereof, may appear nice, but that's because they love everyone and hoosiers are the best people in the world. Indiana is Kentucky's New Mexico dubbed New Tuckey


Indiana was originally discovered by French explorer Suir de LaSalle, who was in search of the Mississippi River in an effort to get as far from France as humanly possible. After going in circles for awhile (and inspiring the Indianapolis 500 in the process), he realized that he still had to get through Illinois, so he left.


Indiana's history dates back at least 250 years, beginning when LaSalle discovered the state. It was quickly declared a color-blind state where slavery was prohibited. Abraham Lincoln spent part of his young life in Indiana, before moving to Illinois.

Achieving StatehoodEdit

Us Indians Acieved Statehood a very long time ago in a land far far away called OZ and dorothy and her little dog found us and they were like AHHHHH INDIANS except we weren't we were just looking for a piece of chicken

Indiana TodayEdit

Indiana is one of President George W. Bush's favorite states. President Bush, First Lady Laura Bush or Vice President Dick Cheney has visited Indiana at least once a year every year since President Bush's inauguration. Thus Indiana is one of the greatest states ever.

Indiana LandmarksEdit

LaPorte, Indiana was featured on The Colbert Report in July of 2006. They were #3 on the Threat Down for having a 3ft. tall Marijuana plant growing in a municipal planter.

Famous HoosiersEdit

  • Tito Jackson- Innocent Bystander (Gary, IN)
  • Axl Rose- Musician (Lafayette, IN)
  • Dan Quayle- Former Vice President of the United States (Indianapolis, IN)
  • Larry Bird- Basketball coach
  • Erin Wilson-The Best Person In The Entire World

A Typical Day in IndianaEdit

Get up go to school come home go swimming and get a sunburn and go to bed.

And God forbid if you kill a fetus.


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