Invasion of the Country Snatchers
is a featured segment of
the Greatest American Television Show--EVER!!!, The Colbert Report.


Invasion of the Country Snatchers is a segment of The Colbert Report which premiered on the January 10, 2007 broadcast. In this segment, Stephen points out the various issues of ilegal immigration that affect the Greatest Country on Earth and all of us Native Americans.

Toys "R" Us Frou Frou/BrouhahaEdit

In the winter of 2007, Toys "R" Us held a contest for First Baby of 2007. After a threeway tie, the prize, a $25000 savings bond, was awarded to an infant girl, 6.5 pound Yuki Lin, from New York City. After the prize was awarded however, it was revealed that her parents are illegal immigrants. They should be deported back to China, chained to a machine, and forced to make Toys "For" Us.

Anyway, Toys "R" Us did the American thing and rescinded the prize.

But then the Chinese community got upset, even though it's not even their New Year. Their protests made Toys "R" Us go soft on crime, and even softer on babies. They ended up awarding bonds to all 3 of the newborn finalists.

How do we teach babies to be born here legally if we coddle them with prize money?

Tom Tancredo '08!Edit

Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo announced he is forming an exploratory Presidential committee.


  • He's Against Immigrants
Fought for an indefinite moratorium on immigration
Battled the Denver Public Library over its many Spanish language books
Called Miami "a Third World Country"

Pizza Patron RestaurantEdit

The sneaky 'Pesos for Pizza' program is designed to replace the United States Dollar with pesos.

The Golden GlobesEdit

Even though 'Hollywood' 'Foreign' and 'Press' are three of Stephen's least favorite words, their recognition of Clint Eastwood as Best Director shows the world Americans are the best directors of Foreign Language films. By the way, Volver should have been filmed by Michael Bay.


Invasion of the Country Snatchers
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