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I believe the government that governs best is the government that governs least. And by these standards, we have set up a fabulous government in Iraq.
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2006 White House Correspondents' Dinner April 29, 2006

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Hello, Iraq
Asian and very good at math.

You are now a Halliburton Sub-contractor! Just by visiting this site,
you have earned a no-bid contract from The Pentagon Halliburton.
If you "refer a friend", you could win your very own Mideast OIL WELL!

The Iraq War reached its "tipping point" many years ago. It's been down hill ever since. Here, the Greatest President Ever whacks off Saddam Hussein's huge, steel erection as liberated Iraqis look on. Who's the "Man of Steel" now Mr. Hussein's ghost?

Before: Iraq, the borders of which were absolutely not drawn by drunken soldiers of the British Empire, which is On Notice

After: Ahhh... isn't that better?

Iraq (Pronunciation: "I RACK" [iRack, soon to be a product of Apple])is a country that we liberated, and subsequently made the 51st state of America. The Iraq War originally set out to liberate the people of Iraq and has been considered a smashing success. Since liberating the people from the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, America has also successfully liberated the general public from the walls and ceilings that confined them, as well as from those massive throngs of annoying civilians.

Remember, they're fighting us over there so they don't have to fight us here.

Iraqis are so loyal to President Bush, that when he implored Iraqi warrior citizens to fight us with his wonderful Texan invitation of "Bring 'em on," the courteous Iraqis obliged. Some analysts are now hoping that President Bush will boldly ask the Iraqis to stop bringing it on.

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The solution to Iraq -- an Iraq that can govern itself, sustain itself and defend itself -- is more than a military mission. Precisely the reason why I sent more troops into Baghdad.
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~ George W. Bush
Washington, D.C., April 3, 2007

Iraq and the Iraq War are the President's legacy. His legacy of bringing freedom, and Wal-Mart to Iraq. Iraq used to be an awful country, run by a hippie Blame America Firster named Saddam. Now its a happy country full of rainbows. The Iraq War is a success like this world has never known.

The administration's stance on Iraq is now, and forever has been that we will pursue victory.

Arianna Huffington said Iraq is McCain's viagra. Stephen said the warning on the bottle would be: If your erection lasts for more than 100 years, pull outEpisode #394.


The Tower of Babel where the virgins are kept

Iraq was originaly Babylon in ancient Mesopotamia.....mespo"What?". Anyway....back in the day it was a hell of a party town. Great gardens and lots of spring breakers!

Babylon is best known for the Hanging Gardens (not the hanging bodies seen there today) as well as for the Tower of Babel. Both were destroyed during the first phase of "Operation Enduring Freedom"

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