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is a Recognized State of the United States of America.
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Hello, Kitty
Hello, Israel
Asian and very good at math.
is one happenin' Jewish cat!
Shalom, baby!

The state of Israel
The Flag of Israel
Capital: Jerusalem
State Flower Four Leaf Clover
Official Language: Jewish?
State Bird: Chicken (not too dry, thank you).
State Motto: Oy, it's so humid. Honey, turn on the A/C.
Nickname: Izzy
King: David
State Anthem: Hitler is an Asshole
Population: 3 billion
Principal imports: Sudanese Refugees
Principal exports: Jew Juice, Kosher, Uzis, Palestinians
Principal industries: Bombing those damn terrorists, Money lenders.
Fun Fact # 1: Israel was created to stop Islam from spreading
Fun Fact # 2: Israel was blessed by G^d and Jon Stewart

Support Israel at all costs so we can get raptured already!Edit

Israel is a Jewish nation who's current government was recognized in 1948. Their job is to do America's dirty work by killing terrorists so we don't have to. After Israel became a nation they started kicking Arab ass and expanded its borders like Rachael Ray expands her gut after Christmas. Unfortunately, the surrounding Arabs were in the middle of building a backyard deck to the sea, and this new country totally wrecked their ocean view, so they keep attacking it. That, and something about dirty Infidels. We must protect and support Israel at all costs! Those who do not are not American! It should also be noted that all Israeli's love Christianity. They love christianity so much they killed Jesus.[1]

The joo rapping about life in Israel

Israel's Army Kicks ASS!!!Edit

In 1948, Israel was attacked by six Arab nations and won. Then in 1967, Syrians started shelling Israeli towns from the Golan Heights and the Egyptians blocked Israel's access to the Straits of Tiran and began massing its army in Sinai in response to the occupation of Palestine, but Israel bombed their air-fields before they could invade and kicked ass in six days. Then, in the sixties, Egypt tried to fight Israel, but Israel killed them all, then in the seventies, Egypt and Syria tried to fight again, but Israel took more of their land and killed them all again.


I don’t know what it says, but I am sure those terrorists wish they could read foreigner too!

Israel after many wars, still has those dirty Arabs bombing them. Israel decided to bomb the hell out of Lebanon to retrieve two soldiers. Hezbollah, like the pussies they are, tried to fight back. After Israel kicked their ass, they committed suicide and Israel won the conflict.

What what (in the butt) - Israeli IDF army version - funny

What what (in the butt) - Israeli IDF army version - funny

The Israeli IDF is always ready to sing and dance for battle… and no there are no Gays in their military… how absurd joos are not gay… or are they?…

IDF Glorious MomentsEdit

It's easy to laugh at the occupation when you're the oppressor (and a douchebag)

It's easy to laugh at the occupation when you're the oppressor (and a douchebag)

while such behavior could be ground for Court Marshall... look at those sick moves!

IDF Enemy Watchlist:Edit

Notable AchievementsEdit

Gaza's War Crimes - Israel Palestine

Gaza's War Crimes - Israel Palestine

The Gazan people greeted Israel as liberators!
  1. Creating streams of much-needed water, though salty, after the 2006 defeat to Lebanon terrorists
  2. Taking control of the media, financial, and diamond industry
  3. Staging the Holocaust
  4. Buying American politicians
  5. Being able to convince Americans that they live in a democracy
  6. Spreading Jewish control
  7. Killing Jesus
  8. Joining Twitter
  9. The invention of the Human Protection Shield.
  10. Training rats to kill mooslims
  11. Killer sharks with lasers!
  12. Mossad trained Zionist vultures (Zionist bird to be executed[2]) (are pigeon next?[3])
  13. Defeated an Egyptian terrorist group three times their size! No, its true!

Ultra Orthodox Joos Impressive Achievements in the Name of God and Notable EventsEdit

Notable Israeli citizensEdit

"F#@king Obama... Mooslims are responsible for all the wars in the world" by drunk joo...

Notable Traitor Self-Hating JoosEdit

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