The American It-Getters, except for the last four

A Blame America First Crowder, Not an It-getter

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At the 2006 White House Correspondents' Dinner, Stephen told George W. Bush in person "We both get it ... We go straight from the gut; that's where the truth lies." Dubya, of course, got it.

An it-getter is someone who fully understands and embraces the concepts, principles, and philosophy of Truthiness, but without concepts, principles, philosophy, or understanding.

How To Get It

An it-getter for example knows truthiness runs our government. An It-getter doesn't bother researching and checking for facts. An It-getter is entitled to their own facts in which their opinion is their facts. An It-getter can tell you something with a straight face they don't know to be true or even believe themselves. An It-getter is certain, decisive and very convincing and always knows when they are in the presence of other It-getters. An It-getter doesn't blindly accept the official government story on things or blindly yield total authority to their government -- they ask the tough questions, given the over-200-year track record of truthiness. 21st century Truthiness is state-of-the-art, thanks to recent technology such as The Internets. Think Tanks are studying how well 21st century It-getters are actually getting It. An It-getter doesn't see anyone's color, an It-getter is colorblind who sees no one's race. An It-getter knows that we are all in a "race" to the finish line.

Point Missers

The opposite of an It-getter is a Point-misser. A Point-misser often finds himself confused by satire (such as a cynic). Often times Point-missers are also fact-huggers, but the two are not mutually inclusive.

Fans of Stephen Colbert are it-getters and heroes.

Not an It-getter

Became an It-getter the hard way unfortunately, but she got it

Not It-Getters

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