Despite what you may have heard
J. Edgar Hoover
Is totally not gay!
J. Edgar Hoover
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America

The director taking stock of a secret program.

John Edgar Hoover was the chief of the FBI, and a total hetero.

Personal LifeEdit

Despite the fact that he lived with his mother until she died, never married, and was seen coming and going to work in the same limousine, vacationing, and having lunch and dinner together almost every weekday with Clyde Tolson, an associate director of the FBI who was also his heir, J. Edgar Hoover was in fact a homosexual but he always tried to cover it up.

In fact, some say Hoover secretly married a man by the name of "Christopher", for whom he was always purchasing little gifts from the local boutique.

Career With FBIEdit


Superstud Clyde Tolson before his father interfered in his career at the FBI

Hoover was the greatest FBI Director this nation has ever had. In fact, he was so great that the FBI headquaters in Washington is even named after him. A fitting tribute to a man of great service to his country and on the side of all Real Americans.

Mr. Hoover had many battles with the congressional sub committee in charge of his budget, which he called "bastard people."

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