Despite what you may have heard
Janet Reno
Is totally not lesbionic!

While in a human suit.


While not in a human suit.

Janet Reno is not from Reno... Rather she allows Reno to bear her moniker as a gesture of FINA (fairness in naming act). and wonderfully, she shares the same first name as her prodige, the equally or more wonderful Janet "big sister" Napolotano.

The two were previously recruited to work as a tag-team on WWE before their selection to high political office. The janets' trademark moved is said to have been a ball twister special...taking on male opponents because the Jent's ahve more ballsiness combined than an average NFL team. It must be said, in fairness, both Janet's rarely need to use force however...thanks to their special bionically implanted mind control beam...

On a side note, both are mass murderers as well, but lets talk about the good things they've done why don't we...

The only real man to have ever head the Department of Justice. Sorry Alberto!

Since the previous edit it has been proven that Janet Reno is in fact not a man but a bear.'s orgins are not known prior to it's trying out for the UC Berkeley's Golden Bears after having eaten their nose guard. After playing on their team for a number of years she uh it got bored and joined the Chicago Bears after eating their entire defense. Reno was next seen entering the white house were professional cannibal Bill Clinton a job because for some reason while he likes eating people he didn't like the idea of being eaten.

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