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Jason Lewis
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America
Ugly file photo of Mr. Jason Lewis.

Jason Lewis is a brave American radio personality who supports our troops as long as they don't step out of line or believe the wrong things.

Listen up veterans, don't mess with Mr. Lewis, his balls know no limits!

Mr. Lewis has so many fans, but could use more.

Please write to his station, KTLK and tell him what you think of him!

He'll love it!

Contact Mr. LewisEdit

KTLK-FM Radio Program Director Steve Versnick
1600 Utica Avenue South, Suite 400
St. Louis Park, MN 55416

  • Studio:651-989-KTLK
  • Office: 952-417-3000
  • Fax: 952-417-3001
Jason Lewis
is a Truthiness Crusader!

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