Jennifer's parents only want what's best for her

Jennifer Mee was just a regular American girl destined to live a life in service to the Lord kuthulu (other reports include her worshiping morgan freeman.) and whoever her father married her off too.

Until one day, she started hiccuping.

She continued to hiccup for almost a month, when her parents decided the best thing to do for her well-being was to parade her on the talkshow circuit ostensibly to "find a cure" for her hiccups in the same way O.J. Simpson went looking for the real killer, and plus, dad could find her a really good husband.

Suddenly, fame woiuld leave them empty and feeling worthless, when on the first day on March, 2007, the hiccuping stopped.

No one knows why she started hiccuping, or why it stopped, but because she no longer has this remarkable talent, Stephen had to cancel her appearance on "The Colbert Report" and Larry King had to be awakened to fill in her spot.

Update: Miss Mee's hiccuping started again on March 15, 2007.

Update #2: Mee was arrested and charged with first degree murder.

Update #3 Mee was charged with murder and put to jail for life with no parole. (Do not drop the soap mee just dont.)

Possible Reasons Why The Hiccuping StartedEdit

Possible Reasons Why The Hiccuping StoppedEdit

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