An American game show that originally began in 1964.

Created by Merv Griffin, the only gimmic it had going for it was the dyslexic, almost retarded, substitution of answer for question and vice-versa.

Jeopardy's questions are way too facty, which makes the show boring to real Americans (and dangerous too). A truthier version of the show would make The Baby Jesus happier.

A Mormon nerd was the all-time champion having won more than any of the other loser contestants.

The show hopes to receive The Colbert Bump without proper authorization.

Current unmustachioed Canadian host, Alex Trebek (real name Giorgi Suka-Alex Trebek), has held the American job of host since 1984 when, as producer of the syndicated show, he hired himself as host.

He is most famous for riding Stephen Colbert's coattails.

What an asshole. And his real name is gay, too.

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