Jim Lehrer
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Jim Lehrer
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Jim Lehrer

Veteran newsman and journalist, Jim Lehrer, was known for smutting up the airwaves with his in-your-face gay relationship with his on-air partner, Robert MacNeil.

Together, the abomination hosted the gay agenda infotainment program, "The MacNeil-Lehrer Report". The title for their show came from their "commitment" name and inexplicably they pronounced the "T" at the end of "Report".

Lehrer's BackgroundEdit


Delicious! The flavor of neutrality with a pinch of nail.

He claims to be a Marine veteran, but he's shorter than Stephen Colbert, can't do back flips, and does not refer to George W. Bush as the greatest president. He may also be Asian - he is very inscrutable.

Famous Segments on "The MacNeil-Lehrer Report"Edit


The happy couple

His Personal Assaults on AmericaEdit

  • refuses to keep his guests informed through sheer volume

See AlsoEdit

  • 60 Minutes - another "news" program that fails to shout at its watchers or guests.

November 27, 2006 NailingEdit

  • Lehrer was nailed on Monday, November 27, 2006.
  • Lehrer actually lied openly that information does not have a liberal bias.
  • Claims to taste like neutrality, but did not offer a serving of himself.

April 15, 2009 NailingEdit


  • did not write a spy novel, whoever gave you that information must be a spy
  • Dr. Colbert is impressed
    • his 19th novel
  • does News Hour 5 nights a week for 35 years
  • he types as he reports the news
  • easier to make up novels, or make up news
  • he says it's easier to report the news
    • Dr. C
  • Lehrer has never tried to make up the news
    • Sweden invaded England
    • the tea parties are from the grassroots up
  • PBS is not covering the tea parties
  • spontaneously frogs appear on lily pads
  • why is he drawn to fiction
    • O Henry said, "I wanted to go to where he could tell the truth."
      • this blew Stephen's mind
  • his first sex scene
    • why wait so long, when people think Jim Lehrer, they think sex
      • big believer in research
  • Johnny had several wet dreams
    • Johnny feel wonderously spectacular
  • why does he need an hour to cover the news
    • Dr. Colbert can do it in a half hour
      • Stephen talks faster than he does; Lehrer talks slowly, unemotional and proudly boring
  • takes real courage to be boring 5 nights a week on television
  • he's so boring he couldn't remember if he interviewed Lehrer or two buttons glued to a piece of balsa wood
    • he was enraged

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