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Joe Wilson (U.S. politician)
is a United States Representative
for the "Fightin' 2nd" district of the state of South Carolina
I am Joe Wilson (U.S. politician) and my lawyer swears I'm not a
Despite what you may have heard
Joe Wilson (U.S. politician)
Is totally not racist!

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~ Joe Wilson, Real American Hero and US House Representative from SC’s 2nd district. You stay classy Joe
September 9, 2009

Joe Wilson is a representive for South Carolina's 2nd congressional district. He is an American hero who had the courage to let his gut do the thinking to disrupt enlighten Congress by calling Barack Hussein Obama the liar that he is.

Representative Wilson is committed to truthiness, especially during Presidential speeches. As Jesus would have done, he screamed "You lie!" at the United States President when Obama was addressing Congress on health care. Unlike liberals, Joe never flip-flops on his position of truth, justice, and the American way[1]. Nor does he allow socialists to buy his position on the truth[2].


Jabber'n Joe is a Real American, a proud son of the troops who fought to liberate the Confederacy from the slave terrorists.[3]

Hey Ma!
Pack your banjo and chewin' t'backer, we fixin' to enjoy us some
Joe Wilson (U.S. politician)

Joe's Foot-in-Mouth DiseaseEdit

Fighting the Mooslim Tyrant and Socialized MedicineEdit

Jaw'n Joe supports liberation of the hospitals and true free market capitalism in Health Care[4].

The Big Lie Incident (and How Joe Saved America)Edit

Other LiesEdit

  • American haters continue to insist that America sold WMDs to Saddam Hussein, that's a liberal lie and you know it!
  • Liberals are trying to smear our greatest Hero, Strom Thurmond, the liberal lie is that Thurmond has a [black baby]. Lies, why would a rich white racist Real American have a black baby?

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