John Amaechi
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process


Almost as handsome as Stephen.

John Amaechi is a former professional basketball player who is gay.

He appeared as Stephen's guest on the May 22, 2007 edition of The Colbert Report. Stephen learned something very valuable during the interview, but then forgot it during the commercial break before The Sign-Off.


  • The Man in the Middle


Stephen has no problem admitting that another man is attractive.

Amaechi claims his choice to be a basketball player is different from his choice to be gay. Although to be gay and/or a basketball player usually includes bringing the rock to the hole, regardless. Instead, Amaechi says that biology determined certain attributes of his life, like his height and sexual orientation.

Amaechi violated Professional Sports' Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.


out of the closet is a basketball term similar to "top of the key", "driving down the lane" or "bringing the rock to the hole"

sc says he is very handsome

is english

knows how to play cricket

he chose to be tall and gay

30 pages of gay

talked trash very badly

english smack talk

"I say this is a dry crumpet"

"You there, by the rim, queue"???

he also chose to come out

he flaunted

rule of pro sports is dont as dont tell

JA believes in diversity

slippery gay slope

the audience was in the gutter the whole time

english accents jams american's gaydar

in the hall of fame

1st basket of the millenium (2000)

nooche? (niche and nook?)

had to remind himself that he was the gay one

dennis rodman painted his toenails in seasons colors

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