John Boehner
is a United States Representative
for the "Fightin' 8th" district of the state of Ohio
John Boehner
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America

John "rusty trom" Boehner is was the House Minority Leader and the Representative to Congress from Ohio's 8th District, The Fightin' 8th!

Any stories about his involvement in covering up the Mark Foley 'scandal' are propaganda from the liberal media and probably rely too much on facts.

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He he... he said "boner"!
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~ George W. Bush

Today John Boehner is now the Supreme Leader of the House Majority. This is a great day for Orange-Americans!


Mr. Boehner has nothing in his past for which he should be ashamed. Nothing at all. Moving on ...

2010: The Firing of PelosiEdit


After the Midterm 2010 Election we fired Pelosi from a cannon to the sun. She wont be missed...

History: "I am an Orange-American"Edit

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Weeper of The HouseEdit

His Trail of Tears

It is true that John Boehner has a habit of crying alot, but so does Glenn Beck. Real Men not only cry but they make sure they do it in a manly way. Besides, his tears are made of freedom. So Tea Baggers rejoice, he is our new leader!

For some reason he didn't cry when denying aid to those moochers who claim to have been hurt by Sandy.

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If only Boehner wept as copiously for the poor and the sick as he does when confessing his own greatness.
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~ Roger Ebert

The End of Entitlement ProgramsEdit

John Boehner has promised to end the era of entitlement programs to stop the Welfare Queens from leeching our hard earned cash. Many Real Americans have rallied behind Boehner to congratulate his awesome leadership.

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