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The Imposter, Jordan Carlos

of Black Friends

Jordan Carlos is the imposter who pretended to be "Alan", Stephen Colbert's black friend, to break up their heterosexual relationship. The liberal media hired him for his resemblance to Alan. However, Jordan Carlos isn't even black. Stephen and his viewers never realized this, because they don't see race. The imposter had several pictures taken of him at a protest rally, and sent them to Colbert. Unfortunately, due to his inability to see color, he reduced "Alan"'s status from "friend" to "acquaintance".

This crushed the real Alan, who didn't know why he had been reduced. Stephen has now led a search to find a "new black friend". This crushed the real Alan even more, so he got a "new white friend" and showed up in Colbert's audence. Stephen expressed deep sorrow upon spotting Alan in the audience with his "new white friend", and the two haven't spoken since.

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