King George III
has bad teeth and a funny accent because it is British.
The Baby Satan has a special place in hell for
King George III
and YOU just for visiting this internets tube!

King George III, tyrant of the British Empire, seen here in all his evil splendor.

King George III was the Saddam Hussein of America. He ruled with an iron fist until World War 0 broke out. For years, British and U.S. soldiers battled for supremacy on such locales as the Delaware River, colonial Williamsburg, and the shores of Tripoli. At the decisive Battle of Geddysburg in the labyrinthine streets of the secret city created by Canadian "double agent" Geddy Lee, King George III led a massive Redcoat army against the massed forces of George Washington, leader of the American nation. The Republican army fielded by Washington crushed the tyrant's forces. King George III himself was captured, tried, and convicted, but he mysteriously vanished from his cell on the night of his execution. Prime suspects in the jailbreak of the convict king include Cylons, aliens, and Carmen Sandiego. Some have suggested that King George III's allies in the Axis of Bad Georges, of which the king is a member in evil standing, collaborated to free him.

Although Tek Jansen has attempted to hunt down King George III, only the Alliance of Good Georges can truly defeat the Axis of Bad Georges for good. George Washington has met with the Greatest President Ever and his dad to discuss plans for apprehending and annihilating the fugitive King George III and his partners in crime. This is expected to be the main plotline of the campaign in the upcoming first-person shooter game Battlefield George.

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