King of the Hill

King of the Hill is an animated documentary about God-fearing American named Hank Hill trying to raise his son, provide for his wife look after his niece and keep his friends out of trouble in Texas.

Elitist types think it's a subtle comedy that appeals to intelectuals.

But, real Americans' guts tell them something different.

King of the Hill CharactersEdit



  • Hank Hill- A man who sells propane. There's a debate if that's too liberal among the viewers.
  • Peggy Hill- A woman who's obsessed with Republican Boggle
  • Bobby Hill- A weird kid who gets water balloons thrown at him.
  • Bill- A fat, white, divorced guy. What more do you need to know?
  • Boomhauer- A man who is against prostitution in general, but not specifically.
  • Dale- An exterminator who speaks against the government. Someone needs to exterminate that liberal.
  • Kahn- A susicious forgin type.
  • Mihn- The hoe of Kahn.
  • Connie- daughter of Kahn and Mihn.
  • Nancy- Dale's wife who has had an affair with John Redcorn.
  • John Redcorn - He is an Indian who (as if his mystery profile wasn't enough) wasn't born in India. Is the biological father of Joseph.
  • Joseph gribble- Thinks he's white but he isn't.

Subject to ChangeEdit

Apparently, King of the Hill is subject to change from greater to less than. Evidently, Fox is moving it from the network to promote more Family Guy and Family Guy accessories. But Family is liberal media, so the change is not good. Fox has reported they're just humoring those liberal bastards.

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