I am Kirk Cameron and and my lawyer swears I'm not a
Kirk Cameron
is an American Man of God!!!
Kirk Cameron
is a Truthiness Crusader!

You Godless Liberals never learn, but I'm here to teach class and school is in session!

Kirk Cameron (born October 31, 1970) is an American actor who became popular during the late 1980s and early 1990s for his role as "Mike Seaver" on the sitcom Growing Pains. After Growing Pains was canceled, Kirk needed work so badly that he became an Evangelical Christian in order to be cast in the Left Behind movie about the Rapture. He, along with Ray Comfort, leads the Christian S&M prayer community The Way of the Master.

He is an active member of The Party of Jesus, The Republican Party. Kirk has been commanded by God to love Muslims, black people, the ACLU, Jews, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, The Supreme Court, and all other heathens. Based on this command by God, Kirk must spread the good news about Jesus Christ and the sacrifice made on our sinful behalf by the Son of God, so that those who haven't accepted Christ as their Lord & Savior™ can have the chance of choosing to go to Heaven or of choosing to go to Hell. Kirk has teamed up with fellow Evangelical Christian Ray Comfort to form the "Way of the Master" ministry, which teaches young Christians to channel their dirty, sinful lusts into the pure, clean love of bananas.

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