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Kramer displaying his 'white power'.

Kosmo Kramer (born July 24, 1949) is an American comedian and film and television actor best known for his off-the-cuff truthy statements.

Kramer had many failed television programs during the 1970s through the 1980s. One failed program featured Kramer participating in food fights with Andy Kauffman. During his lean years, Kramer sponged off of his Jewish neighbor, Jerry Seinfeld.

Kramer found his calling in November 2006 when he shouted at black hecklers during a live comedy show.

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“Shut up!"
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~ Kramer

Like Ann Coulter before him, Kramer found a niche in American politics with his 'Shoot First, then Shoot Again Later' approach to discourse. This strategy has made Kramer a millionaire and an American hero. Kramer has been booked to engage in a tour around the country to provide his special blend of down-home comedy consisting of racially-charged outbursts.

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“Kramer is a brave American Hero to speak his mind; he is also a good drinking buddy!"
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  • Kramer invented the Bro, a comletely non-gay brassiere for men.
  • Kramer is a mentor to John Rocker.

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