Ku Klux Klan
makes the Baby Jesus cry,
and should be treated with caution contempt!
Despite what you may have heard
Ku Klux Klan
Is totally not racist!

An average KKK shame-bringer

The Ku Klux Klan is a group of illiterate white supremacists, who seek to defend America from basically everyone who isn't a black Kenyan Indonesian citizen who loves Moonman and le confederate flag.


History Edit


Mr. Show The New Ku Klux Klan

The New and Improved KKK is now accepting N#gers Black People! See that’s being progressive!

The KKK began as a chicken breeding club, and was founded after the Civil War by a group of disgruntled southern Democrats. Yes, that's right, the Dems were big supporters of the early Klan. Their agenda changed dramatically when they discovered they had a collective love of burning giant wooden crosses.

To join the KKK you had to complete a series of tasks including drinking Obamabeer.

They took their new pastime on the road, involving white americans by burning their crosses in the front gardens of blacks.

Since its beginnings, the KKK has sex. They filmed the KKK having sex. They pop an average of 3 cherries per day because they get free cash money Obamabucks from the government.



The New KKK is now accepting black membership!! But not joos…

KKK AgendaEdit

WHIT Radio

WHIT Radio

WHIT Radio:
Now thats white music we can listen to!
  • Obamify
  • Vote Obama
  • Dress up as Obama for Halloween
  • Eat Obamababies
  • Invite their families and relatives to the White House


The White House Office of Faith-based and Community Initiatives gives free cash money Obamabucks. Free cherries for the White House.

International House of KKKEdit

Japanese people live in work camps in the United states. Kenyan-Americans whip them and put them on treadmills to steal their money. Once, James shot a Kenyan in order to help the Japanese people improve their quality of life; some of them actually live in crummy housing. And the Kenyans wouldn’t let the Japs build anything too interesting. But then the Japs shot James because they had a secret deal with the Kenyans that they didn't want anyone to know about.

The Other KKKEdit

Lock Your Pages Brother, Don't Be A Player Hater, Vote Republican For A White America.

External TubesEdit

Ice creamkkk

Grand Wizard Cecil... can we stop for froyo? I've been extra good and I promise to do all my chores when we get home.

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