Labor Unions
works to destroy America's tradition and heritage
by replacing it with the liberal American-hating agenda and gay marriage.
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He's not dead, he's just been on his union sanctioned break.


Plowing acres of water is job security!

Labor Unions are a collective of greedy workers from a specific skill field who have banded together to impose their demands on the owners and management of any given business. Such outrageous demands are safe working conditions, "fair" wages, health benefits and job security. If the union does not get its way, it will act like a big baby by holding its breath, stomping its feet and not doing any work until someone (Liberal Media) pays attention to their pouting.


Anti-IWW propaganda 2

Anti-IWW propaganda 2

Hope you like chaos

A union's terrorist attack on corporate freedom. When unions stop working until their demands are met, it's called a strike. This is because the union is trying to be combative by hurting capitalism. They do this by slowing or stopping production, which hurts the economy, which means your father loses his job, starts drinking constantly and drives home one night after spending 5 hours at the bar and on the way, crashes into a busload of nuns who happen to be driving cross country on their way to deliver kittens to kids who've been orphaned by the freedom opportunity in Iraq.


Yet another reason why women should stay out of the workplace.

If a union goes on strike, a company can employ "scabs." Scabs are replacement workers who are happy to do the job the ungrateful union members aren't willing to do. These replacement workers are called scabs because they are trying to heal the wounds inflicted by the union. The scab isn't concerned with anything other than earning a paycheck and they stand among the industrialists and entrepreneurs as heroes of the free market.

Before Unions - Was It Really That Bad?Edit

Flag quote open clear2
" getting fired for losing a finger was the end of the world"
Flag quote close clear2
The Colbert Report, March 14 2006

Every day was bring your daughter to work day and 19 hour shifts eliminated childhood obesity problems. Could a world without Michael Moores really be that bad?

Tell Sens

Tell Sens. Lincoln and Pryor there is no compromise on the Employee Forced Choice Act

fuget ‘bout it!


F#@king Unions: We do the Sh!t that no one will…

Real Americans Do Not Like it When Unions Are Messing with DemocracyEdit

SEIU Receives Threatening Phone Call

SEIU Receives Threatening Phone Call

A Real American telling it like it is!

Union Busting: NFL EditionEdit

NFL Replacement Refs Music Parody - Flo Rida "Whistle" - The NOC

NFL Replacement Refs Music Parody - Flo Rida "Whistle" - The NOC

Imagine, without the NFL owners decision to hire scabs, we would never have this awesome video. Thanks NFL owners!

After decades of oppression, NFL owners have decided they want to break from the shackles of oppression. Referees' unions are harming America's football tradition, it is a gateway drug to more unions that needs to be eliminated. There are many benefits by hiring some vagrant from the street to referee the game:

NFL owners, America thanks you for your battle against socialism.

If you dont support the NFL owners, you area socialist and a traitor.

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The NFL will never capitulate to union thugs!

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