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The Free Market
America thanks you, Laissez-faire

The free market that supports the Greatest Country is based on laissez-faire economic principles.


Why A French Name?Edit

Laissez-faire according Stephen was/is probably a "French gay women's street festival"Episode #457.

Heroic Founders And Their Contributions!Edit

It was invented by Jesus!

Historic Examples Of Unfettered Success!Edit

Hong Kong? (least till it was taken over by China)

Examples Of Erosion By Socialism!Edit


The Future Of A Free Free Market!Edit

Prayer Of Laissez-faire Capitalists!Edit

As recited by Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, DFA on his award-winning newsprogram, "The Colbert Report"Episode #453

  • Hear me O children of capitalism!
  • Thou shalt not abandon the One True God for the false idols of Socialism!
  • We must believe even harder!
  • Our god demands sacrifice!
    • I do not mean regulation, but human flesh!
  • Lo, for the true believers hath already thrown Lehman Brothers, AIG, WaMu, Wachovia into the mouth of the beast
  • Yet it still hungers!
  • Let it also now feed upon Main Street!
  • True believers would rather lose their lives to the market than admit government should have any role

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