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A lame duck is a breed of duck that is suffering from a gimpy leg or wing. Lame ducks are thought to have been bred from one strain of alcohol abusing ducks that drink and swim/or fly. This did not go well for this strain of the duck species as they all got into bad swimming and/or flying accidents. These accidents led to the crippling, or lameness of all the ducks that were prone to drinking. That was almost the end of the alcohol prone ducks. Most of these ducks died out from being lame or crippled but there was one alcohol prone duck that had not been crippled or lamed yet that on it's wild flight flew into Stephen Colbert. Stephen Colbert was very angry at this and challenged the duck to a fight. The duck, and drinkink ducks can fight very well when drunk, better than the Irish. However Stephen Colbert still beat the living feces out of him. Stephen then declared that "this lame" Not quite fathoming the depth of the statement yet still paying homoage to Stephen Colbert. God made the duck lame, however not in the way that Stephen Colbert intended, therefore he bought Stephen a Lifetime's supply of beer from heaven, and the duck was lame and so are it followers creating more lame ducks (and followers)


  • Life expectancy for a lame duck is one to two years.
  • A lame duck is also a type of turn in ballet. It makes the dancer look dumb.
  • Lame duck is often mispronounced.  It should be pronounced lamé (la-may'), and refers to the woven texture of the duck's coat.  Lame ducks are renowned as the best dressed ducks.

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