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Liberapedia know that Liberals are the most wonderful people on Earth. That has to be true because they say so.

A liberal is a great person who is correct in nearly everything they do and believe. When you meet somebody who identifies themselves as a Liberal, ask them to help you become a better person. Someone who understands when a mistake is made and learns from it. A person that is not ashamed of being him/herself, Liberal men are by far better in bed and tend to be in better physical, mental, social, psychological, and spiritual health than conservative men. In contrast, conservative men tend to be obese, inhibited, abusive, and ill-endowed. [1]

Liberapedia knows why wonderful liberal ideas are the proven correct way to run things. Liberapedia knows why Conservapedia is wrong.

We think the state should protect workers from bullying bosses. We think the state should provide Universal Health Care because those who most need medical treatment can least afford to pay for it. Liberapedia is a website created as a liberal alternative to the ridiculous conservative bias of Wikipedia. Unfortunately, an even bigger evil is descending on us. Our conservative brothers at conservapedia are slowly running around the internet like the crazy war loving bastards they are. We hope they see the errors of their laughable conservative ways, and if not, people will just get to laugh at them more and more. [2]


Liberapedia is an online encyclopedia founded by Ajuk and WillH that encourages people to write articles with a liberal bias. Liberapedia also tries to provide information that is useful for anyone? any liberal from High School students through to University undergraduates and graduates. Many of the shorter articles have external links to websites with much more detailed information.

Some of the articles are funny or partly funny but others are serious. Funny articles should have templates showing that they are not meant seriously.

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