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"Liberty University"
you have been touched in a very special way.

Liberty University is Jerry Falwell's Holiest of HOLY universities whose webpage shows 4 black people taking a bus to the school. Their science department is #2,673 in America!Episode #369

Liberty University
Location: Virginia
Type of School: Private
Annual Tuition: Trickled down by Jesus
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The mission of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University is to provide America with a leadership and work force of properly-educated professionals whose Faith-based education forces the correct ideological orientation to guide America's future toward Our Lord and Savior Jesus's expected return.

Financial AidEdit

As a private conservative college, Liberty refuses money from the government. Students are told to pull up their boot straps and pay for their own tuition through the inheritance of family values.



Defending Christianity against liberals and The gays since the beginning of time!

Located in the aptly named Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty University was founded as soon as Jerry Falwell discovered a way to combat the de-Godding of America's educational system.

The campus sits on 500 acres of meticulously landscaped American soil. The campus consists of 9 buildings:

Campus ChurchEdit

The campus church is the centerpiece of the university. The air conditioning is run off a campus clean coal-powered electrial system. All studio lights are recessed into the ceiling, along with 19 of the latest in HD cameras and sound equipment. It seats 500 inside the main hall, and 20 in each of the 4 viewing rooms. Each viewing room receives the service feed onto its own 50-inch flat screen, high-def television screen.

Boys DormEdit

Despite what you may have heard
Liberty University
Is totally not gay!

This is where the men go, to do manly things with other men! The guys here are sooo not gay! Liberty University men are fabulous!!!



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