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Life In The Field, describes itself as,

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"...a group blog starring the 50 College Republican field representatives and you!"
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~ College Republican National Committee[1]


Life in the Field (LITF) began in Texas in 1986 to combat the lying, deceptive campaign of America-hating liberals.

Dozens of paid Republican Party staffers descended on Texas to ensure college-age students could safely join the republican party of their choice, without undo threats to their fragile person or outside, Muslamic influences on their innocent soul.

With rigorous work and tireless spending, Life in the Field was successfully able to register dozens more students in and around Waco, Houston and other Christian areas of the Lone Star state.

LITF TodayEdit

Today, LITF continues the hard work of their predecessors by getting out the vote for The Greatest Maverick Ever in key battleground states, such as Pennsylvania, West Virginia and anywhere else white people are forced to live within the same city limits as coloreds.

LITF's Mission And FutureEdit

LITF's only wish is to return America to her Christian roots and build an impenetrable wall along her border with that brown country and drill, baby, drill for America's greatest and cleanest of all natural resources coal and oil and nuculer power and have babies and love The Baby Jesus to speed up His Glorious Return!

And to expedite the Holy Justice upon all who hate America, such as,

They know who they are and when The Lord and Savior comes down from the Heavens to shower His children with a pure love, his enemies will rot and die covered in the pustules of their anti-Christian ways that will mark them for all eternity.


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