Llamas are funny animals that live in South America and are worshiped by Buddhists.

They are part camel and part-Afghan hound. They might even be transplanted terrorists due to their lineage.

General Information
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Breeds Of LlamasEdit

Leah the Llama - Formally known as Leahpernicus Llamicus, is a very weird type of llama. The leah usually has a very pale color and has a vicious attitude. It will bite so if you ever stumble upon this rare creature, take caution. Also, please do not feed this animal. It may get very hyper or have random spurges of excitement.

Llama PartsEdit


Can stretch to big lengths to fit any size. *cough cough*

Feet And ToesEdit

Back LumpsEdit


Llama's Place On The FoodchainEdit

What Llamas EatEdit

• Rabbits • Your mom • In Leahs case, payton the platypus. • Magical Unicorn Mayonaise

What Eats LlamasEdit

•Payton the platypus • Magical Unicorns that are on crack




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Fun FactsEdit

Noahs ark small and stephen
Noahs ark small and stephen

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