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Looney Toons was a Featured Word on 01/21/08.
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Looney Toons
is an insidious part of the
Fancy-pantsification of America!


Looney Toons

Looney Tunes is a liberal propaganda scheme created to desensitize the children to homosexuality, cross-dressing, domestic violence, animal cruelty, and beastiality.

Homosexuality Edit


It's unclear who wears the pants in the relationship, as neither in this picture are wearing pants.

Often times in the cartoon shorts, Bugs Bunny, the "role model", will seduce another man, usually Elmer Fudd. This is a recurring event in the series.

Cross-dressing Edit


"me so horny"

It is also a common theme for the male characters to cross-dress. This teaches children that it's cool to be a girly man. Usually Bugs and sometimes even Yosemite Sam will wear suggestive feminine clothing.

Domestic Violence Edit

Bugs Bunny has many dysfunctional relationships which result in domestic disputes, generally involving shotguns and frying pans. Can you imagine your child asking, "Why is mommy throwing TNT at daddy?"

Animal Cruelty Edit

A large percentage of the character cast of Looney Tunes are animals. Children who watch are subjected to hours upon hours of men with funny accents endlessly tormenting innocent creatures like ducks, rabbits, and pigs. The liberals don't want children to know the real threat: penguins.

Beastiality Edit


Elmer Fudd fondles a rabbit in a suggestive manner

Not only is the on/off relationship between Fudd and Bugs homosexual in nature, but it also glorifies the act of beastiality. After watching Looney Toons, children are often left confused about their sexuality, paving the way for them tio become Democrats. It's a plot!

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