Lou Dobbs
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process
Lou Dobbs agrees with Rush,
Troops who want to leave Iraq are phony soldiers!
Lou Dobbs
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America
Despite what you may have heard
Lou Dobbs
Is totally not racist!

Lou Dobbs spares no ones feelings. Here he can be seen nailing himself in a profound and moving interview.

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If we reported it, it's a fact.
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~ Lou Dobbs
May 6, 2007 60 Minutes

Lou "Human Border Fence" Dobbs was the anchor of CNN's nightly television program, Lou Dobbs Tonight, until he died on November 29, 2006, as first reported on The Colbert Report. Somewhere in Heaven, he's smiling down on fired immigrants

Though Dobbs was aired on the liberal CNN, his views were not the same as the station's. Dobbs was strongly opposed to foreigners, amnesty for aliens (both legal and illegal), and guest worker programs (except for his housekeepers). Lou also criticized free trade, job outsourcing and lobbying (What was he a Communist?) He supported stringent (and manic if necessary) enforcement at U.S. borders (Canadian and Mexican alike), whether by federal or state action, or by private groups like the Minuteman Project. Lou is currently married to Avril Lavigne who earlier this decade jumped the US-Canadian border into the US.

Colbert Report AppearanceEdit

Mr. Dobbs was a guest on the October 24, 2005 edition of The Colbert Report. Stephen nailed him not once, but twice, with Dobbs reporting that the nailings hurt him intellectually, but in a good way.

Interviewed Esteban ColbertoEdit


January 17, 2008

Sr. Dobbs era una huésped de octubre el 24 de 2005 edición de el informe de Colbert. Stephen clavado él no una vez, sino dos veces, con Dobbs divulgando que los nailings lo lastimaron intelectual, pero de una buena manera.

American RootsEdit

Dobbs was born in Texas, raised in Idaho and lived in Sussex County, making him, quite literally, All-American. In his spare time Lou regularly rounded up aliens and took them across the nearest border. If you see any foreigner, first call The Lou Dobbs Memorial Anti-Alien Society, then call your local police, America will thank you for it.

Carried awayEdit

Unfortunately, Dobbs was often carried away by his passionate beliefs toward dangerous territory:

Look Who's Honoring Lou NowEdit

Illegal Alien CrusadeEdit

The color of the Illegal Alien threat is revealed through the color of Lou's tie

To view the "tie-o-meter" please see how Lou Dobbs Is Protecting America's Border!

Beware undocumented lepers!

Dobbs' Mexican housekeeperEdit

Dobbs claims to be married to one Debi Lee Segura, whom some people say is a gun-totin' undocumented Mexican immigrant who cleans Dobbs' house. Why won't Lou produce Segura's birth certificate?

Lou Dobb's Mexican HaremEdit would like apologize to Lou Dobbs and make a retraction. We suggested that Lou Dobbs was married to one Mexican Maid, the truth is she is part of a big harem of Mexican Maids (and one Mexican gardener). Again, we apologize for our error and we regret our mistake.

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