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Martin Luther, never very talented with tools, took a few tries before successfully nailing his theses to the door of the church.

Until January 31, 2007, Lutherans were officially On Notice. They were forgiven by Stephen and removed to make room for Stephen's fantasies about Jane Fonda.

This religion has a smaller wikiality article than truthiness. As it should. This is because it can be summarized in a single word: Pope-haters. Or to put it more nicely, Lutherans are Popeless Catholics. At one time, it also had a shorter article than truthiness on Wikipedia. When Stephen Colbert brought this to their attention, they allowed the Lutherans to maul the articles like the bears they are. This, however, did serve to prove, once again, the validity of the theory of wikiality.

Genetic FlawsEdit

Lutherans are also mostly Germanic or Scandinavian Aryan honkies. They are white and if the latter eat terrible food like lutefisk or hakarl. Scandinavians enjoy going into the woods to pick and eat wild growing berries just like bears. Unlike the bears though they can and do make preserves, so they can enjoy the taste of berries on toast all winter long whilst bears hibernate.


It was started a long time ago as a branch of Christianity by someone who didn't appreciate the current religion, and questioned his holiness the Pope. In fact. Lutherans just replaced the Pope with a book called The Book of Concord, thinking that a some stiff boards and paper made just as good a Pope as a flesh and blood one and cost less to support. After a bunch of religious wars in which almost everyone died Lutherans and Catholics now ride the bus together in relative peace, though all true Roman Catholics know that the reason Martin Luther wore a hat in his life was to cover the horns.

Lutherans spread over the globe, but especially liked North America, Australia, and South America (especially Brazil and Argentina) which set up convenient places for ex-Nazis to escape to.

Midwestern Lutherans are noted to be notoriously prone to riots and are on the US terrorist watch list due to unrest in the early 21st century. [[1]] [[2]]

In Russia, Lutherans are considered terrorists, with police confiscating all copies of the "Augsburg Confession" as "terroristic literature."See picture


Some Lutherans believe they are the One True Church. However, questions remain about how The Baby Jesus feels about Lutherans. Most Scandinavian Lutherans are wimpy Hubert Humphrey liberals organized into a church called the ELCA (aka ELKA), so I guess BJ gets a little whiny when he hears a radio tuned to NPR and Garrison Keller is droning on about Lake Wobegon. On the other hand, the Germanic Lutherans, organized into a church called the LCMS (aka LicMis?), are mainly uber-conservative, and thus that tend to cling to their guns and their religion. They don't listen to NPR because of their vast preference for Polka and Country.

Some people say The Baby Jesus loves everyone. People who know better know that The Baby Jesus only loves the righteous.

This debate has been raging since Martin Luther posted graffiti on a church door. Thanks, Marty, really.

Shockingly PBS's "Faces of America' revealed Stephen Cobert's heritage to be Lutheran, making him perhaps the most famous almost-Lutheran alive. [[3]]

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