Despite what you may have heard
Lyndon LaRouche
Is totally not racist!
Lyndon LaRouche
est trop Français
veuillez l'éditer pour le rendre plus vrai dans les tripes

Lyndon LaRouche is the father of modern Libertarianism Conservative Neo-Platonic thought.

Contributions to SocietyEdit

  • complaining about other politicians
  • running for president
  • giving the Greens someone to laugh at
  • Dropping out of Northeastern University
  • Starting a cult, whose members normally hang out right around Huntington Ave. in Boston and annoy people
  • Justly and correctly holding Barack Hussein Obama responsible for leading this country down the path to Socialism

Earnestly Held and Very Well Thought Out Political ConvictionsEdit

  • I'm smarter than you, look at all the erudite words I use!!! Also I read 300-year-old quasi-scientific treatises.
  • If you understand all the words I use and aren't all that impressed, it's because you haven't read all the quasi-scientific treatises I have. Maybe you should look at this graph I drew on a napkin... hmmm???
  • Any reference to my past is probably a pack of lies. The only true account can be found on my website. I'd tell you what my website is, but then THEY would know about it too.
  • The Jews and the gays are destroying America. That said, I'm not anti-Semitic or homophobic.
  • Fascism gets a bad rap. That said, I'm not a fascist.
  • Universal health care is some kind of trap.
  • Barack Hussein Obama is leading this country down the path to Socialism.




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