Madison County, Arkansas
is a proud and perfect
reflection of the Republican Party.
Despite what you may have heard
Madison County, Arkansas
Is totally not racist!

Madison County, Arkansas is a shining beacon of pure, traditional American values. Nestled in the bosom of the deep South, Madison County is home to the world-renown Faubus Motel, named for Arkansas' beloved governor Orval Faubus and their Southern hospitality!

Madison County, Arkansas
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County Motto: We fly the Confederate Flag night and day!
Mostly in the day
'cuz our power's still out[1].
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Founding & HistoryEdit

When the surrounding counties of Carroll, Newton, Johnson, Franklin, Crawford, Washington and Benton first heard about how England used Australia as a place to ship their criminals, they all decided to found Madison County and use it for their own penal colony.

They named it after the U.S. President at the time, James Madison, but he promptly sued them to take his name off it. He lost, but the Dolly Madison bakery refuses to ship any of their products to this hellhole in the still on-going feud.

Congressional DistrictEdit

Madison falls in Arkansas' third district, the Fightin' Third! and they're proudly represented by John Boozman.


Madison County is whiter than Jena, Louisiana and they do everything they can to stay that way.




  • Toothless
  • Missing Chromosome
  • Assbackwards
  • Mount Your Cousin



  • none of the previos "laws" were true...
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Madison County, Arkansas
is one of the ways God Blessed America.
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