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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
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Mahmoud Ahmedi-Mahmoud Ahmadinejad-nejad is a terrorist.

In a controversial move that rocked the muslim world, Ahmedicinejad was seen smooching political rival Ahmed al-Liebermanladen after the 2005 State of the Islamic Republic Address.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (mah-MOOD ah-mah-genie... mah-MOOD ah-mah-dinner... my-money on-my-DINNER... MOMMIE-mommie-MOMMIE-mommie-MOMMIE... beep-BOP-da-wheep-BOP... mah-MOOD ah-mah-something-or-other) is the hippie President of Iran. He may not look like a hippie, but by Iranian standards he's a regular Willie Nelson!

He is a staunch supporter of many groovy activities, and is particularly well known for being a stoner (of infidels). He is strongly opposed to nucular weapons, American flags, and British sailors.


Mahmoud Ahmapigletjihad in another adventure with his Bearrorist friend

From humble beginnings, Mahmoud studied hard and won admission to the prestigious Fanaticism, Unrest and Conflict University (better known as FUC-U) somewhere in darkest Iran. There he became versed in many culturally popular concepts like flag burning, America-hating, and bear-loving (interpret that in whichever way you like!).

Early Political Life

In his early youth, Ahmadieatsbabyjewsijahd worked his way up the typical political ladder for all Iranian Mullahs. First he was a public executioner, then anti-Zionist accountant, anti-American and anti-Zionist accountant, anti-Zionist and anti- American baby eater, anti-American and anti-Zioinist Baby Mohammed and Baby Satan worshipper, delivery boy, and finally of Mayor of Tehran. After only two years in this role he was "elected" President of Greater Tehran (also known as Iran) in 2005, campaigning under the slogan "vote for the littlest guy!". He celebrated his victory with a lavish banquet. Guests were treated to steak, caviar, and macaroni and cheese, all to the soundtrack of Spice World (he's a Sporty Spice man).

Political Transformation

The new Mahmoud. Groovy baby!

Shortly after becoming President, Mahmoud Ahmediwantsomethingelsetogetmethroughthissemicharmedwayoflifebabybabyiwantsomethingelseimnotlisteningwhenyousaygoodbyejihad took a "chill pill", and had a ephiphany which caused a major turn-around in many of his ideals. Out went his love of bears and his hatred of America. In came an interest in bongs, peace, love, and Austin Powers (yeah baby!).

Since then he has spent his time promoting American Idol and Hollywood, and playing poker. He is sometimes even the poker buddy of Stephen Colbert.

The Steve Carell Connection

Always thinking of ways to Hate America.

Experts often point out nobody has ever seen Ahmadinejad and Steve Carell in the same room together. The celebrity Ahmadinejad has been the biggest inspiration to however is Barack Hussein Obama.


Ahmailovejihadtwitter has his own twitter now!
  • He has 352 wives and 1 husband, the Ayatollah.
  • He has been the biggest inspiration to Barack Hussein Obama.
  • He is only four foot tall.
  • He is known as Iran's Willie Nelson.
  • He has an intense soaping every day
  • Has actually absolutely no power, he is controlled by the ghosts of Hitler, Terrorists, and bears.
  • Oh my!

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