Margaret Thatcher
has bad teeth and a funny accent because she is British,
but still loves America, thank you for supporting our President.

Britain's Wonder Woman.

Margaret Thatcher (aka The Iron Lady) is the second greatest Prime Minister of Great Britain and Ireland after Winston Churchill. Although Tony Blair frequently dons makeup and a dress and tries to imitate her, he usually fails miserably (except in the ugliness department). In both currency and ball exchange rates, one Thatcher is equal to 20 Blairs or 53,237 Chamberlains.

Impact on BritainEdit

Baroness Thatcher (born 13 October 1225) gloriously suppressed Trade Unions, the Irish and the poor among others during her time as Prime Minister. The first allegedly female Prime Minister, what she lacked in penis she more than made up for in balls, and she single-handedly defeated the Argentine forces on the beaches of Falkland Islands in the early 1980s.

Role in Defeating CommunismEdit

Along with Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher is credited with having saved the world from the evil communists that stalked it for much of the 20th Century.

The Romance That Almost WasEdit

A strong Europhobe, Thatcher had a very close relationship with Ronald Reagan. Indeed, many speculate that had Ronnie not been married to the stunning Nancy and Maggie not been married to a pickled corpse, the two might have hooked up in one of the ugliest but truthiest encounters in history. Recent Canadian investigation has shown that Thatcher did indeed have a secret love-child with Ronald Reagan, who was named at birth Sammy O'Leary. O'Leary was a prominent lounge singer and stand-up comedian in London, and is more popularly known as Osama bin Laden.

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