Matt Taibbi
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

Taibbi, posing as a journalist.

Matt Taibbi is a wuss journalist who lives in Russia where from he writes for publications ranging from Rolling Stone and The New York Press to Playboy and The Communist Worker's Daily.

In his investigations, he has posed as a youth pastor, an adult filmmaker and a gorilla, even though they had nothing to do with his stories.

Taibbi was nailed on the November 16, 2005 edition of The Colbert Report, where Stephen forced him to admit he is a member of the International Liberal Media Conspiracy.

January 9, 2008Edit


Tells the youth of America what to think, do. Promises to return when he gets one right.


  • Covered the Kerry Presidential campaign in 2004 while wearing a gorilla suit, and later while dressed as a viking and on acid.
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