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Meth is a healthy way to invigorate your skin and reverse the effects of aging as seen in these After and Before photos.

For the religious among us, the God chosen experts at Conservapedia have an excellent article about Meth.

Meth (noun) American slang

1. a drug commonly used by hypothetical gay porn actors
Synonym: high-speed chicken feed, Jenny Crank

Meth Facts Edit

  • Was invented in World War II to fuel Kamikaze pilots into crazed Psychopaths.
  • It is possible to reverse-engineer meth into Sudafed by soaking it in red phosphorous and iodine.
  • Is totally non addictive.
  • Is made of very specialized "Industrial Ingredients" which can be traced directly to their offshore source manufacturer.
  • Will make you rich.
  • Meth's popularity when shown on a timeline is parallel to its level of potence.
  • The ingredients for Meth are often collected from drug stores by adorable "smurf" creatures.
  • Is not known to explode and kill everyone in sight when being prepared.
  • Was not, when brought up in DEA meetings on the East Coast, laughed at or mocked.
  • Is not the cause of a sweeping drug epidemic.
  • Is not known to be produced by Rednecks in Georgia.
  • Is not favored by long distance truckers.
  • Has not destroyed entire communities.
  • Is not the source of much controversy and ill-will or litigation between The DEA and cold medicine manufacturers.
  • Has never been prepared by Mid-Western Children.

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