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is a Recognized State of the United States of America.
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Mexico is such a lovely place. I cant understand why filthy Mexicans are trying to leave...

Mexico AKA the gordo/loco, is the crazy kid next door who you can't help but hang out with. Its name is a Spanish word for the land just south of the Wall Protecting America's Borders™ that was erected by the minute men. It is a beautiful place containing spring break beaches, bars, museums and a lot of tequila. When our Mexican friends are tired of bringin' just one more margarita to another tourist, they understandably want to feel at any cost and come live in Freedom (ie: America).

Mexico is occasionally pronounced "MEH-hee-koh", due to the fact that the Mexicans have bad pronunciation, especially concerning the letter X or when singing the Star Spangled Banner <coffee>. Other nicknames of Mexico include "South of Freedom".

Mexico liked the way American southwest cities like Los Angeles and Santa Barbara were named so much, that they decided to name their own country's cities the same way, in the same language, Spanish.

The President of Mexico is named Felipe Calderon. He encourages his people to come to America and take away jobs, which is totally unfair from a cultural-purity perspective, but ok from a free market perspective, despite his persecution of entrepreneurial drug ventures. So it is a matter which causes Stephen considerable confusion, and he recommends avoiding thinking about the issue altogether.

When greeting each other, the most popular Mexican salutation is "holla", which is the equivalent of the American "hello". Should you come across an attractive Mexican woman, it is suggested that you greet her with the phrase, "Holla, I would like to have seh-Hee with you."

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The People of Mexico eat nothing but beans, rice, and tortillas. There is low income because there are low jobs so People of Mexico migrated to America looking for more opportunities and chances to give their children more in life.

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Mexico has earned

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