I am Mike Huckabee and and my lawyer swears I'm not a
Mike Huckabee
is an American Man of God!!!

I heart Huckabees?

Michael "Super-Size Me" Huckabee is a former Republican presidential candidate, former Governor of Arkansas and former fat slob. When he became a potential GOP Candidate for President of God's Favorite Country, however, he was forced to do something about his extra layers, dropping 110 pounds (or one Kelly Ripa).

After a brief period out of the limelight, Huckabee called a press conference.

"I have just come out of six weeks at a concentration camp held by the Democrat Party of Arkansas in an undisclosed location, making a hostage tape," Huckabee said. "That's why I look that way."

Jews everywhere were delighted that Mike remembered them. "We just love Mike. He really gets us."

I heart him.

Appearances On The Colbert ReportEdit


Let's see you work this kind of magic, Brian Williams.

Huckabee first was Stephen's guest on the May 2, 2006 edition of The Colbert Report. Stephen took this man from a town called Hope to a town called Nailed. Stephen couldn't get Huckabee to talk about whether his diet plan included TrimSpa or crystal meth. Additionally, because his life expectancy is now so much greater, it put even more pressure on him to fix Social Security.

Huckabee wouldn't declare his candidacy, but invited Stephen to be his running mate, stating that together they could change America.

His second nailing occured on April 19, 2007, when he joined Stephen at the C Desk. As he was now a declared candidate for the Presidency, with a whopping 1% of voter support in polls, Huckabee proposed a Huckabee/Colbert '08 ticket, which Americans would find authentic. Regardless of Stephen's decision whether or not to join the Huckabee candidacy, Huckabee received The Colbert Bump merely for appearing on The Report, tripling his support.

Third Appearance!Edit


Who the hell is he? He threatened to break Dr. Colbert's other arm. Anything to raise awareness.

As head of the FCC in a Huckabee administration, Stephen would have only The Report on the airwaves.

Mentioned Ron Paul.

Made lots of jokes, proving all politicians should leave Washington and go on tour with Carlos Mencia! No one is distracted at all by his lazy eye.

January 9, 2008 NailingEdit


Mike Huckabee went "Hucka-Live" via satellite on January 9, 2008

August 27, 2008 NailingEdit

Mike Huckabee
is a proud employee
of the Greatest Corporation of All--FOX!!!
  • Huck turned down Stephen's invitation to speak
  • he thanked Stephen for The Bump
  • doesn't consider himself a pundit
  • we should make the Constitution what it really reflects in our values
  • euphamism of choice for black:
    • new
    • untested
    • celebrity




Huckabee received an endorsement that some in the internets may find at the very least interesting. Chuck Norris actually came out and endorsed him. How kickass is that?

The Club for Growth doesn't seem to like him [1]; could be because he reminds them of Jimmy Carter.

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