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Milorad Blagojevich
drives on the wrong side of the road, and carries a man purse.
Must be European.
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'Allo Guv'nor!
Milorad Blagojevich
is the governor of Illinois
Blagojevich the bling king

Blagojevich: "Is hard to be a maverick pimp"

Milorad R. Blagovich is a corrupt Democratic politician, and thus the only corrupt politician you should pay attention to.

This ever so charming Serbian infiltrated the Illinois state government by posing as governor. His cover was blown when he confessed to making up his middle initial, R., in honor of his father Radisa Blagojevic (It is a well known fact that Serbs have no middle name).

Rod, as he is better known, is a very generous man, who often donates slabs and slabs of cash to people he likes, such as his fellow Soviets and mooslims.

Corruption ChargesEdit


Tha Boss wants to see you…

As the governor of Illinois, Rod was given the duty to appoint a replacement for fellow mooslim Barack Hussein Obama in the Senate. He then tried to sell the seat for personal profit, an act so corrupt that the Illinois Democratic Party asked him to resign. Let me repeat, the Illinois Democratic party - whose past members have included Richard J. Daley and Dan Rostenkowski - feels Blago is too corrupt for them. This sets a new standard for corruption to which all others must bow.

Link to Barrack Husein Obama Edit

Obama senate seat for sale

You can be a maverick too!!!

Federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald said no allegations were being made that Obama was aware of any alleged scheming by Blagojevich. However, Papa Bear and Sean Hannity know that Fitzy's statements are just part of The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy meant to protect the decider-elect. The Governor worked with Tony Rezko, who supported Obama; they are obviously linked, according to the established scientific equation Association=Obvious Guilt Squared. Blogojevich also tried to extort $50,000 from Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago to please Obama because he hates children. Perhaps most damning of all, they are both Chicago Bears fans.

B-Rod and F-Bombs Edit

As part of the case against Blagojevich, Fitzgerick released transcripts of some of B-Rod's wiretapped conversations which were filled with epletives. Along with setting the new standard for corruption, the Governor has also set a new standard for swearing while being recorded to which all others must also bow. Notable quotes include but are not limited to:

"It's a 'bleeping' valuable thing. You just don't give it away for 'bleeping' nothing."

"I've got this thing and its bleeping golden, and, uh, uh, I'm just not giving it up for effing nothing."

The FBI says it heard Blagojevich complain he has to give this "motherf***er [the President-elect] his Senator. F*** him. For nothing? F*** him."

Brass BallsEdit

Milorad Blagojevich!

You've got dog balls!


Mr. Blowjobbitch, you deserve it!! And you can even share it with your new black friend!

Recently, Blagojevich has learned the ways of mavericks; he has gone against the wishes of his fellow Democrats by growing a pair of "brass balls". He choose his new black friend as the new Senator of Illinois, even though his party told him not to do so! He may be a Democrat but by God!!! We salute you, sir, for growing a pair of "brass balls"!! [1]

Life After PoliticsEdit

Mr. Blagosonofaviatch tried his best to convince the liberal media that he was innocent, that his persecution was a liberal conspiracy to replace him. Evidence suggest that Mr. Blagoshutehfukupvitch did everything what a liberal democrat was suppose to do; he healed the sick, he gave away cheap medicine, he performed miracles, and he robed from the children but his fellow democrats decided against crucifying him, instead they just fired him.

But luckily Mr. Blagowhatthehellisthisvitch was given a chance in life... tv life that is. If his reality Tv show becomes successful, he is thinking of pursuing an acting career...


  • Blagojevich's removable hair snaps on to the top of his head, much like a lego man's, or inspector gadget's hair would.
  • He's got this bleeping thing, and it's worth a lot of bleeping something.
  • Will not resign until he catches the real Blagojevichers.
  • Barnstormed as a member of The SpitzRods. It was a rival team of maverick, openly heterosexual scandalists.
  • Puts the asses in the bleeping seats.
  • Is dying to talk to you about his crazy deals on genuine leather Senate seating!
  • He was once young like us!

Blagoegomaniacalviatch's BFFsEdit

Blagoshutthefukupviatch loves to make friends, he has all sorts of friends. He has black friends, joowish friends, mafia italian friends, corrupt political friends. It is because he has this diversity of corrupt, megalomaniacal, and lunatic friends that he has been accused of corruption and immorality... and this is just from the democrat's side!

December, 2008 ChargesEdit

Blagosonofabiatch's TV showEdit

Gov. Blagojevich Plays "Sen

Gov. Blagojevich Plays "Sen. Clay Davis" From The Wire

Did Blagoblowjobviatch plagiarize from Sen. Clay Davis?


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