Minimum Wage
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An Average illegal immigrant minimum wage worker

Minimum Wage (Welfare)

  1. A communist plot to bankrupt America.

Minimum wage exists to ensure that illegal aliens from Mexico can make "fair" wages.

Market-hating liberals claim that the minimum wage depends on where you live. How is that possible? Minimum means the least; what does it matter where you live? This sounds like some factonista trickery.

Origin & HistoryEdit

In this section describe the era just prior to the adoption of the minimum wage and why the people who created the minimum wage thought implementing it would solve all the problems

How The Minimum Wage Threatens The Free MarketEdit

In this section describe how the minimum wage is just another regulation that imposes liberal limits on businesses

Many Republicans feel like the poor and liberals shouldn't be given wages dictated by the government. By interfering with the free market they have artificially inflated wages to all time high, driving many businesses into bankruptcy. Many Republicans suggest that since workers are getting the privilege of getting a jub, they should be ones to pay to their employer for the honor of working.

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