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Small creatures that live under you skin, and often work for the CIA. Sometimes funny in colour, moles often sprout hair and are impossibly difficult to stop staring at.

General Information
Average Lifespan: add stuff here-1
Average Height: add stuff here-2
Average Tail Length: add stuff here-3
Estimated Population
In The Wild: add stuff here-4
In Captivity: add stuff here-5

Breeds Of MolesEdit

Albino death mole
 :Mole Jesus
 :Eagle mole
 :Lesser mole
 :Greater mole
 :Chuck Norris mole [ Oh God save us!!!! ]

Mole PartsEdit


Moles have a power tail used fo crushing the skulls New born Liberals. It can also brew a mighty fine beer.


Moles don't need ears, as they can smell fear.

Mole's Place On The FoodchainEdit

What Moles EatEdit

Freedom fries, pizza, Infants, terrorists, midget, worms, other american foods.

What Eats MolesEdit

Bears, Sharks, Dick Cheney [ A.K.A Satan ], Koalas, Kitlers.



All Mole species are found only in the wilds of Stephen's backyard.


Moles in captivity are Kept only in the Philadelphia zoo, America's most patriotic zoo.


Work As SpiesEdit

Top secret!!!!!!!!!

Clothing Optional AdvocacyEdit

Anything Stephen Colbert wheres.

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