Mrrogers 6-10-1-

This is how Mr. Rogers ended his last episode

Mr. Rogers is a Good Neighbor BAD Neighbor! Thanks to this aged old hippie he created a generation of Libural Gay Entitled Hipster Welfare Queens!!! This man is the caused that your child aint right! If your children happens to ever accidentally see his show on PBS (hell, even watching any show on PBS will rot your brain) call 911 and take your child to the Emergency Room before he or she is completely brainwashed!

Crimes Against HumanityEdit

  • Bestiality (ever wonder why he was too friendly with Koko the Gorilla?)
  • Teaches children they are "special" making them dependent to entitlement programs and refusing to learn the marvelous lessons of bootstraps!
  • He saved Public Television and the VCR Industry! The Monsters!!
  • He loved teh gays, bears, and the joos non-believers! He preached the Satanic ideals of Tolerance!!
  • He doesnt see race, literally! The man was colorblind which could explain his insidious libural bias!
  • He had a foster black brother, making him officially a brotha, therefore he is ghetto! Do you want a man that grew up on the ghetto/projects with black people teaching your children?
  • Secretly being a Nazi and trying to solve "the jewish problem."

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